Moved away
Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool manager) is looking for some new talent to play up front in the squad. He calls all of his talent scouts together and tells them "I don't care how far you have to go, but I want the best striker you can find. Someone who can put the ball in the net from anywhere on the field" A few weeks go by and he gets a call from one of the scouts, "I've found what your looking for" the scout says "just one problem though....He is in Iraq". Kenny says "No worries, we will sort it out!" A couple of weeks later the Iraqi Striker is sitting on the subs bench waiting for his chance. Liverpool are playing Manchester United and are 3 nil down when their striker get injured and stretchered off. Kenny send the iraqi boy onto the pitch saying "Now's your chance son, show me what you got..." Couple of minutes later, BAM, Beautiful goal. Then another. A nice header into the top right corner, now 3-3. Finally a Penalty kick making [...]