20 000 $ prize
A spic in San Diego gets pulld over by a police officer in a routine control... Congratulations the officer said, you've just won $ 20 000! Why's that ? Wondered the spic. You're the first we've pulled over all year that is using the seat belt, tell me what are you gonna do with the money? Asked the officer. I've always dreamed of having a drivers license ... His girlfriend next to him quickly said: Mr Policeman please, he doesn't know what he's saying when he's drunk... I knew we would never get very far with this stolen car, his friend mutters... Allright, everybody out, you're coming with me to the station! The officer says. And as they're entering the police car a voice from the trunk quietly whispers: Hey esse, aren't we over the border yet ? I'm gettin thirsty... Make your friends laugh -> share this post with them:TwitterFacebookRedditPinterestTumblrGoogleEmail No related jokes.