A Timeline: Israeli and Saudi Arabian Hackers Cyber War | Wyly Wade
Cyber acts have become more popular over the years. They have grown from the high school cyberbullies to the fully powered cyber wars between citizens of different countries, such as the war between the Saudi Arabians and Israelis. With all the war going back and forth, it is hard to keep track of all that happened. The first attack came when a Saudi Arabian hacker went after credit card information of Israelis. Quickly stating who he worked with and claiming that he had over 400,000 credit card holders' information. As the banks and credit card companies became aware of this, they began blocking the compromised cards. The companies also made a statement that the information the hacker had given was inaccurate and that it was only 15,000 compromised cards. The attacks back and forth continued for weeks with more Israeli credit card holds information being exposed. Israeli citizens retaliated by following the hacker's trail and uncovering his identity and hope to get him extradited and