Red October Kaspersky #1 threat — Global Reach | Wyly Wade
Kaspersky named "Red October" this years top cybersecurity threat. Red October was a large scale cyber-espionage network that target various international diplomatic service agencies. This cyber-espionage network was used to analyze and reveal various aspects of the the global critical infrastructure. Initial it was thought that the network was largely focused on Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries recent disclosures have shown Red October was much more throughly developed and information derived from Red October was used to target Western Europe and the US. This included a recently disclosed shutdown of the turbine control system of a major US Electric generation facility. The earliest evidence indicates that the cyber-espionage campaign was active since 2007 and is still active at the time of writing (January 2013). Besides that, registration data used for the purchase of several Command & Control (C&C) servers and unique malware filenames related to the current