Whats on your plate for Thanksgiving Dinner | Wyly Wade
The Economist did a great state by state breakdown as to the types of food everyone prefers for each course of Thanksgiving Dinner. So while the White House had 9 kinds of pie the preferred food really very depending on the region. I am sort of surprised by the sausage stuffing in New England all the Thanksgivings I ate in NE it was with oyster stuffing. Also seeing that Wisconsin is the cheese state I would have figured cheese curds or cheese balls instead of the stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. Pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream at Jesse and Nicky's. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It would seem the White House had all tastes covered; huckleberry, pecan, peach, apple, chocolate cream, sweet potato, pumpkin, and coconut and banana cream pies. In 1779 a common New England Thanksgiving menu included Haunch of Venison Roast Chine of Pork Roast Turkey Pigeon Pasties Roast Goose Onions in Cream Cauliflower Squash Potatoes Raw Celery Mincemeat Pie Pumpkin Pie Apple Pie Indian Pudding Plum