Aadhaar a struggle of identity — Part 1 Identity | Wyly Wade
Over the coming weeks I am going provide some of my thoughts around identification (ID) and ID solutions. A critical understanding about ID systems can be neatly boxed into a single statement: Things you know; things you have; and things you are. But more on this later. Almost from the beginning, Aadhaar (in India) has struggled to maintain a clear identity from what it is and what it is not. Even early on, there were clear ideologies that played out within what data to include within the ID system and what data to keep out, how that data could or should be used and the standards around security and privacy. With all that said, no one, at least within the core team, ever questioned the idea that Aadhaar was only to provide ID services. Externally, there were many distractions, many people with agendas, who did not really understand the importance of identity, nor the opportunities it presented. Identity Historically, in wealthier countries, identity is a comfort that is often taken for