Facebook 56 million in the Arab world | Wyly Wade
Facebook brought into prominence on Tuesday that it has 56 million active users in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), where activists used the social media network to organize Arab Spring rebellion. In fact, Facebook regional chief Jonathan Labin told a news conference in Dubai while noting a significant increase in the number of people connecting from mobile devices, that half of these users have come back to the website on a daily basis. Furthermore, Facebook said in a statement that every month 56 million people are active on Facebook across the MENA region, characterized by 50 percent of those coming back on a daily basis. In totality 33 million people in MENA use a phone otherwise tablet to access the service every month, whereas the number of daily active users on mobile has mounted to 15 million. Related articles Facebook pulls in advertising Middle East and North African Facebook Growth Due to Mobility