NRHM to create awareness on RSBY for Assam | Wyly Wade
It is great to see the partnership between NRHM and RSBY growing. With limited resources and a need to do more with less it is important to work together. I hope that working together to build IEC capacity in Assam is the beginning of a better integrated health delivery system throughout India. An NRHM official said: "Given that the RSBY has been newly launched, a large number of people know very little about it. So far about 60 to 70 per cent of people have availed the benefits of the scheme which, in deed, is good. But we expect more people to be attracted to it. That's the reason we've decided to increase the awareness activities so that more people avail benefits of the scheme. We expect that by next year more people will be enrolled under the scheme." NRHM to create awareness on health insurance among BPL people - The Times of India. Related articles India-Norway partnership has benefited newborns: Report Inauguration of Assam Tele Radiology Project of NRHM, Assam in PPP Model