Tesla loves Norway? | Wyly Wade
Norway loves electric; free tolls, tax breaks, free parking and many free super electric charging stations are making Norway the land of electric cars. Tesla Motors on August 30th introduced its supercharger network of electric car chargers in Norway. Norway has one of the highest electric car ownership rates (relative to its population size) in the world. Constructing charging stations there would help thee early adopters and make prospective electric vehicle buyers more confident that they will be able to recharge whenever necessary. Many of us consider this is critical to the adoption of electric vehicles. Tesla Motors has been promising to place its Supercharger networks within the range of all Tesla Model S vehicles so that they will not have to worry about running out of charge, and thanks to Tesla's special technology, these Superchargers live up to their name and charge quite fast. Another thing worth noting is that, the faster a person charges, the more cars can charge per day