Plugging Cyber Warfare Governance: Asia Should Act Now | Wyly Wade
Breaking the Silence on Cyberwarfare: Wars Without Declarations - Kaspersky (Photo credit: itupictures) In cyber space, a virtual realm with no natural or geographic borders, and constantly dynamic packets of data routed from one node to another, the world really is flat. It is also anonymous since identity verification is not yet required and can be masked through complicated routing patterns. A 2011 study, "Cyber security and cyber warfare: Preliminary assessment of national doctrine and organisation" estimated at least 33 states that include cyber warfare in their military planning and organisation. Given the limitations of open-source data, the possibility of undervaluation, and the likelihood that this number will only keep growing, there is a need for a set of regulations to govern the developing conduct of cyber operations as a means and method of warfare. Plugging Cyber Warfare Governance: Asia Should Act Now - Analysis Eurasia Review. Related articles Cyber Warfare Plugging