1 Out of Every 3 Digital Media Minutes is Consumed | Wyly Wade
Mobile Internet usage accounts for one out of every three digital media minutes consumed, according to the August 2013 BrightEdge Mobile Share Analysis . The analysis also revealed that mobile traffic jumped 125% over the course of H1 2012 to H1 2013 while desktop traffic only grew by 12%. Software/technology, financial services and real estate were the big winners with more than 15 times the growth of desktop visits in those categories. The average adult will spend over 5 hours per day online, on nonvoice mobile activities or with other digital media this year, eMarketer estimates, compared to 4 hours and 31 minutes watching television. Daily TV time will actually be down slightly this year, while digital media consumption will be up 15.8%. 1 Out of Every 3 Digital Media Minutes is Consumed Via Mobile. Related articles Not Your Grandma's Consumer Experience TV Reinvented part 2, a new blog series? 25 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed