Aadhaar enrolment comes to your doorstep | Wyly Wade
Once the service starts, societies can seek Aadhaar enrollment and registration camps in their premises. At present, office bearers need to register on the official site in case they wish to have camps set up in their societies. Following the resumption of this service, around 300 societies are already on the waiting list. Narayan K, a businessman operating from Chickpet, got his Aadhaar card made a year ago. He says that the card was made right at his door step; "Since I was not losing anything I got it made - without spending money or time, unlike other government documents. But I have just kept the card in my cupboard as it is of no use." Aadhaar enrolment comes to your doorstep - The Times of India. Related articles With Aadhaar linkage, you're poorer by Rs. 50 SAP powered by Aadhaar UID