LinkedIN Inspiration Index | Wyly Wade
A neat new indexing of a global network within LinkedIN. Inspiration comes from a variety of places even within ones job. On a macro scale I am very inspired by the projects and teams I have worked with; on a micro scale I have my frustrations with things. Data not be formatted correctly, people not thinking, expense reimbursement contribute to my general lack of inspiration but those are rather trivial and would be a part of every job. Being inspired by your work is one of the most important aspects of having a productive and successful career. If your work is inspiring, chances are you'll be actively engaged.Research has shown that disengaged employees can potentially lead to $450 billion in lost revenue. Judge your work by 3 Do I work on really cool things? Do I work with really great people? Do I get paid well for the work I do? If one of these is off but the other two are strong then you should be thankful; If 3 of these things are good then you should be dancing in the streets