Hackers break into and take down Hospital VOIP system. | Wyly Wade
For nearly two days in March, ambulances and patients' families calling the San Diego hospital heard nothing but busy signals. A hospital in San Diego became victim of a new kind of extortionist, one that took over the hospitals VOIP network shutting down the entire phone system of the hospital. No inbound or outbound calls, no emergency communications. A new kind of cyberwarefare. Unclassified law enforcement documents posted online have vaguely identified some victims: a nursing home in Marquette, Wis., last November, a public safety agency and a manufacturer in Massachusetts in early 2013, a Louisiana emergency operations center in March, a Massachusetts medical center in April and a Boston hospital in May. Related articles Is VoIP Secure? Phone hackers a threat to safety Extortionist Hackers Threaten to Leak Data from Swiss Web Hosting Firm Hoststar