Body Farm Coming to Wisconsin
With our rich history of grave robbing, necrophilia and other desecration of the dead, is Wisconsin really a good place for a body farm? The Fox Valley Technical College will be setting up their body farm in Greenville, WI, south of the "clandestine grave site" area where forensic scientists and police will learn to find buried remains using animal carcasses and cadavers. Modeled after the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility, the body farm will be used to study how subzero temperatures mummify body tissue, whether insects inside a chest cavity can tolerate freezing and whether scavengers like coyotes and foxes lose interest in a frozen body. It will primarily consist of grassland, but bodies may be placed in sheds, cars or swimming pools to analyze how the variables affect decomposition. Suicide scenarios may also be replicated for study. A 15-foot tall guarded fence will be used to keep potential Wisconsin necrophiliacs out.