The San Carlos Real Estate Week in Review: 8/14/2017.
Just when you think house prices are starting to level off just a bit in San Carlos, you have a week like we did last week. Two of the three homes that closed escrow last week fetched over $300,000 over their asking prices. And neither of these two homes were significantly under-priced to begin with. It just shows that there is still a very strong appetite for good homes in good locations in San Carlos. And although it's still a relatively small sample size, we are routinely seeing mid-sized homes (~2,000 square feet) fetching over $1,100/sq foot, which is simply amazing. The inventory of homes for sale in San Carlos did not change from last week, since the number of new listings matched the number of homes that went into contract. As of this morning, we are still sitting on 11 homes for sale in the entire city. It appears that it will be a good fall market for home sellers, and a market that could remain very strong all the way to the end of the year if inventory continues to remain