The San Carlos Real Estate Week in Review: 7/3/2017.
Happy 4th of July weekend! While you are taking a break over the long weekend, so is most of the real estate market. July is traditionally one of the slowest months for real estate sales since many locals are out of town for some or all of the month. Sellers realize this and generally don't list their homes during the month of July since the lack of traffic may impact the interest level in their house, so you can expect the rate of new listings to drop a bit over the next If you are a home buyer, however, this is one month where you might be able to score a relative bargain -- or at least have less competition on a property than you would have had in the thick of the market. I have been able to snare some really good deals for my buyers in past months of July, so I will be on the lookout again this month. Here is a look at last week's numbers: The Numbers. Below is a high-level view of the market performance for single-family residences (SFR) in San Carlos. This data is for the 7-day