The San Carlos Real Estate Week in Review: 5/1/2017.
There is subtle yet significant difference in the San Carlos real estate market when you compare 2016 to 2017. In both years, the market started out very strong for the first three months of the year. Then at the end of March in both years, a significant surge of new listings hit the market. The big difference is that in 2016, this surge caused the market to stumble (relatively speaking) for most of the rest of the year. Buyers felt as if they had more to choose from, and the pace and intensity of the market waned - especially for homes that didn't have all of the right stuff. This was especially noticeable in the second half of the year when multiple offers and 10% premiums over the list price were harder to come by. But in 2017, the market has behaved entirely differently. Not only did it consume the late-March listing surge with a voracious appetite, but that intensity and urgency has continued unabated right through the end of April. Just look at the numbers below. A week ago, we