Functional Fitness Affirmations | Whitefawn Wellness
In less than a minute, Naomi explains how to apply affirmations to everyday routine activities, thereby enhancing your mental well-being. Next week she will demonstrate how to add positive life-affirming thoughts to your workouts. She will show how to change negative self-talk into empowering new beliefs...and get physically fit at the same time! Definition of Functional Fitness Exercise: 1)     Focus on building a body, mind, and spirit capable of feeling empowered while engaging in real-life events, positions, activities, and situations…   2)     …not just exercising your physical body, but challenging your thoughts, emotional capabilities, and spiritual qualities (gratitude, generosity, compassion, empathy, etc.) as well. Using this definition of Functional Fitness, we can add more meaning to our daily activities, routines, and workouts; we can now include positive self-talk to improve our mental/emotional, spiritual health. Incorporating conscious mental