Warrior Pose | Whitefawn Wellness
Many yoga instructors are excellent at teaching the physical postures/asanas of yoga, yet fail to implement the true teachings of the practice. Yoga is the science of life; therefore it is essential to incorporate the spiritual, mental, and emotional components of yourself into each pose; life is not just physical. The word "Yoga" means union; to yoke; to unite. Our yoga practice is the practice of bringing all aspects of self into awareness and to unite them in the spirit of harmony and compassion. Challenge not just your body, but your emotions, thoughts, and attitude/spirit as well. Think of your yoga poses/postures/asanas as "the position in which you find yourself." What happens mentally when you are challenged (in a challenging situation)? What feelings arise when you have difficulty executing a particular pose (in unfamiliar territory)? Does your spirit/attitude become hubris when you "are better than" or is it self-critical when you are "not as good as"? These are simply things