Werewolf Valentine Gifts | Werewolves
Tis' the season of love, lust and mass consumerism! That's right, Valentine's day is almost here and what better way to celebrate it than with werewolves? If you're looking for the perfect gift for your werewolf lovin' sweetie (or for your single self) then I've got just what you need! Jewelry Jewelry is one of the biggest Valentine's Day gifts, but instead of getting some cliché golden heart-shaped locket for your love, why not get them something a little more unique? Luckily there are loads of sites that sell werewolf jewelry, although, most of it is pretty rough and manly. However, you can find a few lovely feminine pieces if you look in the right spots. For example, this beautiful howling wolf pendant can be found here, or there's this fantastic full moon necklace (that I LOVE). For more ideas go here, Etsy has lots of fantastic handmade jewelry. Candy This is another classic gift, but instead of a plain old box of chocolates, get something a little more wolfish! Luckily the Candy