Introducing the kinder, gentler Werewolves of WOLVERTON | Werewolves
Well, this is different. If diversity is truly the spice of life, then we should all celebrate this new web comic by creator Peter Von Brown. The werewolves of WOLVERTON aren't particularly scary; in fact they aren't scary at all. They're . . . normal. Like, they're regular people. Who just happen to be werewolves. They talk like regular people, they act like regular people, they order pizza. They lounge in the sun and drink mai tais. And they have formed their own town, their own haven for the world's lycanthropes. It's called—can you guess?—Right. Wolverton. It's a place where those misunderstood man-beasts are free from the typical prejudices that plague all their kind. Stuff like getting blamed for attacks on animals and humans, and facing persecution for running around au naturel. Check out the series at the link below. When I first heard about it I admit I had my reservations. It sounded silly to me. But honestly I'm kinda digging it. It's cute. And Von Brown uses his werewolves