Creepy Colorful Christmas | Werewolves
I need to stop saying I'll *never* do something. I said I'd never embrace ebooks; I loved my old-fashioned paper and canvas books, dammit, and technology could never replicate the magic holding a book in my hands brings. 'They'll never succeed," I said on more than one occasion, "until they can create an ebook reader you can curl up with comfortably in bed!" Then I received a Nook as a present and I absolutely adore it. Yes, I CAN curl up with it in bed, and yes it DOES have the same magic as a regular book. I also said I'd never pay ten dollars or better for a coloring book, even an "adult" coloring book. Then I came across my Dracula coloring book and not only did I buy it, I bought a bunch of colored pencils to use with it. Now I'm going to have to buy yet ANOTHER such coloring book, MR. SAM SHEARON'S CREEPY CHRISTMAS: A MERRY MACABRE COLORING BOOK. Featured in this book are to-be-colorized-by-you depictions of Krampus, the Scandinavian Yule Cat, and the Wendigo, among numerous