A Deeper Look Into Little Red Riding Hood | Werewolves
All of us have heard the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, the famous fairytale about the girl in the red cloak that visits her grandma in the woods only to find the big bad wolf ate grandma and plans on eating her as well. Yes yes, we all know this story. In the version our parents told us the huntsman comes and saves the day, killing the wolf and saving Grandma and Little Red. A happy ending. But that is the newer version of a fairy tale that has been retold many many times. Of course you can't tell a child the original version, "…then the big bad wolf eats grandma and little red. They DIE horrible deaths and the wolf wins. HORRIBLE DEATHS! The end... Sweet dreams sweetie!" You tell a kid that and they'll be laying in bed all night, horrified and wide-eyed clutching their blanket tight. But we aren't kids anymore, so how about we go back to the beginning? Little Red Riding Hood is an old story that has been told many times by many people, meaning that there are a handful of