8 Super Tips to Improve Conversion Rate - Website Traffic
Many business owners focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and neglect conversion rates. A higher conversion rate means you make more money per visitor, which maximizes the return on your SEO efforts. Here are eight useful tips to convert readers into buyers. Create Time-Sensitive Offers Adding a time factor to your offer boosts conversion rates. For instance, you can tell your customers they'll get same-day delivery if they place their order before midday. People are often impatient to get their purchases, and by indicating a cut-off time for same-day delivery, you encourage them to buy. Use Scarcity Telling your customers there are only a few items left in stock creates a psychological effect that makes them want to order so they don't miss the deal. You can achieve this by displaying the number of items left on your website -- ideally highlighting low-stock items. Low stock also makes an item look popular, which encourages people to buy. Get Quality Traffic You need quality