May is Bike Month 2018
It's that time of year again, it's a month filled with fun rides and events, it's Bike Month!! May is going to be a GREAT month for biking in Eugene and Springfield. It's a good time for fair-weather cyclists to roll those steads out of the garage and for everyone who rides bikes to celebrate together. If you're planning an event you can still get it on the calendar and list it here. Submit your event now!! Bike Month Events & Descriptions Download a PDF of a monthly overview or a detailed list. Read on to see more information about all the great events! All of May May is Falling Sky Bike month too! Bike to any Falling Sky location & save $1 Family Friendly- Adults are specifically encouraged to bring their children. Hosted by Falling Sky Camp Putt: Bucks for Bikes Every … Continue reading "May is Bike Month 2018"