People On Bikes – Eugene Edition
Jonathan Maus from BikePortland.org has been doing his "People on Bikes" series for years up in Portland and I've always liked flipping through them. The other day I was sitting down in Amazon Park while my kids played at the skate bowl and I decided to snap some photos of the 5 o'clock traffic. There's an interesting mix in just these 30 photos that were taken in about a 15 minute window. Like BikePortland I'll number the photos in case you want to give any 'shout-outs' or (friendly) comments. What things do you notice in this small sample? Unlike BP my photos are not very professional, but they get the idea across I think. I hope to do some more focused photos at another time. Have any good spots you'd recommend? Also, somewhat related, there is Sunday Streets … Continue reading "People On Bikes – Eugene Edition"