New I-5 Bike Path Coming Soon
So what can you buy these days for $13,393,802.39? Well that is what it costs to improve the I-5 @ Beltline Interchange’s current phrase. Here is what you will get: A new bridge over I-5 to accommodate a reconfigured on ramp Building a sound wall south of Beltline and east of Coburg Road Adding an additional lane on eastbound Beltline from Coburg Road to I-5 on ramp Extending the multi-use path for bike and pedestrian travelers. The multi-use path will be extended south from Harlow Road to Garden Way. Also the path will extend north to Old Coburg Road and exit near the Register Guard headquarters. And don’t forget all the landscaping. Northerly Route The bike path will extend from Willakenzie Road (just north of the I-5 bike bridge) to Old Coburg Road. The raised path … Continue reading "New I-5 Bike Path Coming Soon"