Bike Theft Down in Eugene (but have you registered your bike?)
After a spike in 2015, the City of Eugene reported in this month's InMotion newsletter that the Eugene Police Department (EPD) "registered more bicycles and had fewer bicycles reported stolen in 2016 than in 2015." That's good news, especially since Eugene has been recognized as one of the worst places in the nation for bike theft. However, it's worth noting that we haven't made "Kryptonite's Top 10 Worst Cities For Bike Theft" since 2006 and our high theft rate also correlates to one of the higher per-capita bike ridership numbers in the nation (8.7%), second only to Boulder, Colorado (10.5%) for medium-sized cities (population of 100,000–199,999). Most readers have their Eugene bike theft story, we have a … Continue reading "Bike Theft Down in Eugene (but have you registered your bike?)"