How To Tow a Bike With Your Xtracycle (or similar longtail)
Many of us Xtracycle riders have towed other bikes using the "bag and drag" method (the front wheel of the rear bike simply strapped in a freeloader bag), but I'm sick of that. I loan bikes out often enough that I want a more elegant solution, so I came up with my own take on the "front hub/fork" method. I figured I'd post it here in case some of you would like to try it. The uses include loaning bikes out, bike polo / mtb biking, kids bikes, and getting your tired riding partners home if they bonk (or are too drunk to ride). Supplies (about $15-16, I bought mine at the True Value right by Arriving by Bike): 1 old quick release front hub (not figured into the cost) Slotted Angle Iron (about 5 bucks) that you … Continue reading "How To Tow a Bike With Your Xtracycle (or similar longtail)"