Safer Bike Lanes on 18th Being Appealed
UPDATE: The Appeal hearing has been moved to Thursday, May 9th 2-3pm at 859 Willamette Street, Suite 500 (the Buford Room). An appeal has been filed with the City of Eugene in response to the Administrative Order to remove some car parking on 18th Avenue (on the south side from Friendly Street to Van Buren Street and on the north side from Van Buren Street to Polk Street). That is the section of 18th that has car parking on both sides and bike lanes that range from 3-5 feet IN the door zone. For those who have ridden it you know it's a sketchy, uncomfortable, and unsafe area to ride. Of the whole stretch of 18th that has bike lanes (all the way from Agate to Willow Creek) this is the only section that is like this. There are small sections west of … Continue reading "Safer Bike Lanes on 18th Being Appealed"