Road Signs and Bike Lanes: A How-To Guide
For at least four years I've been communicating with city officials and documenting road signs blocking bike lanes, and the problem still isn't fixed. For this reason I've created this guide so the city can train their employees and subcontractors. If you see a sign violating this guide please take a picture and report it using the mobile app, or report it online, or call the Eugene maintenance line at (541 )682-4800 and complain. If you can please note the subcontractor who is making the violation and when/where it occurred. Before I get to the pictures, let me explain why this is such a big deal: This is about safety - the bike lanes exist on these busy streets for a reason. "Just going around the sign" is much easier said then done, especially … Continue reading "Road Signs and Bike Lanes: A How-To Guide"