Safety Hazard: Fox Hollow @ 46th (Updated)
Update: It's now been replaced by an asphalt hump. Take the jump for more This isn't a great week for people on bikes as far as construction is concerned. First, people on bikes were directed head-on into cars by construction on Pearl and 5th; now construction has place a huge, slick, unmarked metal plate (with a hole in the middle) in the high-speed downhill bike lane on Fox Hollow Rd just downhill of 46th St. I can only assume this is temporary and only during off-hours since there were flaggers in that spot this morning. I hope flaggers will be there by the time the morning commute starts tomorrow so people on bike don't hit the plate. In the meantime, people riding down Fox Hollow need to be very careful. The slick plate is surrounded by 1-2 … Continue reading "Safety Hazard: Fox Hollow @ 46th (Updated)"