Pearl Bike Lane Temporarily Gone @ 5th St.
Editors Note: The following story was submitted to WeBikeEugene by EugeneBicyclist.com in an effort to spread awareness about this potential hazard. The post also appears on his site. The disappearing bike lane Posted on December 7, 2010 by Eugene Bicyclist Here's a hazard you don't run across every day: You are coming home from work, a bit weary, in the dark, and set about making a habitual left turn into a bike lane that … that … whoa, what's that pair of headlights? Coming straight at me! This happened Monday evening. I rode west on Fifth Avenue, past Fifth Street Market, as I often do. I approached the four-way stop at Pearl, right in front of Lucky Noodle, slowed and got ready to turn left onto Pearl. Pearl, just south … Continue reading "Pearl Bike Lane Temporarily Gone @ 5th St."