Turn It Up – When Science Meets Bicycling
Editors Note: This is the first article from WeBikeEugene's newest contributor, Jennifer Hughes! Sweat poured down my face and landed in the puddle forming on the insulating, black floor mat. I took a gulp from my third, 16-ounce water bottle, then my arms flung it back in its cage. I turned up the volume of my iPod so loud that Michael Jackson's "Thriller" drowned out my heavy breathing. With exhaustion creeping up through my burning lungs, I put my head down and pedaled harder. "You got it Jenn, keep it up!" The enthusiastic lab assistant shouted as I ferociously pedaled on a funky ergometer stationary bike in a heat chamber set to a sweltering 104 degrees Fahrenheit. "Your data is looking good!" I was only 28 minutes into a … Continue reading "Turn It Up – When Science Meets Bicycling"