Eugene’s 2010 Leaf Program – What Cyclists Should Know
Fall is perhaps the most dangerous time of year for cyclists in Eugene. The days get shorter and the rain returns - requiring car drivers to pay more attention to the road and our safety. It's not unusual for a bike commuter to ride both to and from work in the dark, and the window for daylight recreational cycling shrinks to less then 12 hours. And then there's the leaves... and acorns, and sticks, and rocks, and whatever else happens to drop or get blown in to the bike lane this time of year. The leaves stack up, hiding potholes and other debris, or stay thin and wet, making an ice-like surface. Sometimes they pack deceptively tight and kick your wheels out to the side like you've hit a curb - making even minimally … Continue reading "Eugene’s 2010 Leaf Program – What Cyclists Should Know"