How to Waterproof Your Xtracycle
Xtracycles are wonderful things. They are the El Camino or Minivan of the bike world, and they are immensely popular here in the Northwest. When I first built up my Xtracycle two and a half years ago, I'd only seen one or two others around town. Now I see them everywhere. I think I still might be the only one in Eugene who rides one without kids, however. Mine is mainly used for commuting loads, juggling gear and unicycles, groceries, free piles, and giving drunk friends a ride home from the bar. Xtracycles do have one minor flaw.* They were originally designed for use down south in California, and thus are not ready for a Northwest winter without a little modification. But, never fear, those modifications are cheap and easy and I'm here to show you how to … Continue reading "How to Waterproof Your Xtracycle"