“Bicycling Mayor” Ruth Bascom to be Honored Wednesday
I didn't live in Eugene when Ruth Bascom was the first female mayor of Eugene (1993-1997), nor did I live here when she was a city councilor for eight years before she became mayor. I wasn't around when she inspired and was the driving force behind the Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path System (named in 2003). I wasn't around when she helped pioneer cycling in Eugene in the 70's and planned much of our current infrastructure. But I do live here now, and there is rarely a day that I don't benefit from the great work she did while she was here. I never met her, never saw her, but I know her name because she improved my life. Bascom passed away last Thursday from injuries sustained in an August 11th car crash near Bend. She … Continue reading "“Bicycling Mayor” Ruth Bascom to be Honored Wednesday"