A New & Improved Alder. Coming Soon?!
The City of Eugene has turned in an application to ODOT's Pedestrian & Bicycle Grant to make some major improvements to Alder Street between 19th and Franklin and 13th from Alder to Kincaid. The plans call for a new two-way cycletrack from 19th to Franklin, a signalized crossing of Franklin, bike specific signal heads at 11th and 13th, on-street bike parking corrals, wayfinding, lighting, wider sidewalks, and streetscape improvements including public art. It's an exciting project with some major potential for improvements to this corridor. It could also set the stage for future active transportation projects in Eugene. Here is a more complete description of the project from the grant application: The predominant design feature proposed on Alder Street is a new 2-Way … Continue reading "A New & Improved Alder. Coming Soon?!"