Eugene Roubaix
The Hell of the North-west? Maybe for some, but this 13-Mile loop Circuit Race is unlike any other road race here in Oregon: it's got gravel (1.5 miles of gravel, that is). For most of us it is the closest thing we will ever get to racing the prestigious Paris-Roubaix. And it is right in our backyard (check map for race location)- the Eugene Roubaix! The best part of this race is where the gravel is located. The final 2.6km consists entirely of coarse dirt and rock pieces, which abruptly ends, leaving you with a short 200m of paved road between you and the finish line. Trying to get a good finishing position in the gravel is not an easy thing to do, so those with a poor sprint may consider trying to get away on the short quick climbs. No matter what type of racer you are, the lure of dirt in your … Continue reading "Eugene Roubaix"