WeBikeEugene.org Official Launch
Welcome to WeBikeEugene.org! This post marks the official launch of WeBikeEugene. We have been posting for a few weeks now, and it's time to spread the word about the site. WeBikeEugene has a simple mission statement. We exist to spread news of cycling to cyclists and others in the Eugene/Springfield area. We plan to cover advocacy, road riding, commuting, infrastructure projects, off-road projects, recreational riding, road and off-road racing, cycling community events, and anything else having to do with cycling in Eugene, Springfield, and the surrounding area. Some describe us as Eugene's version of BikePortland.org. We consider this comparison a great compliment, and hope to be as thorough one day as they are. However, we have no current plans to expand … Continue reading "WeBikeEugene.org Official Launch"