Via KVAL: University of Oregon’s bike loan program
WeBikeEugene contributor Alexander Hongo, long active in the eugene cycling scene, was featured in a story on KVAL.com this morning. 'Work on your own bike ... with the enthusiastic aid of a skilled mechanic' "By Sreang "C" Hok for KVAL.com" "EUGENE, Ore. -- Amid the hanging tools, bikes and assorted parts at the University of Oregon's bike loan program, skilled mechanics regularly fix bicycles with their voices and skilled guidance rather than their hands and tools." [...] "In other situations you come into a bike shop and there is a very distinct line of separation between where the customers are allowed to be and where the magic happens," said Alexander Hongo, a Bike Loan Program mechanic. "The cool thing about our shop … Continue reading "Via KVAL: University of Oregon’s bike loan program"