Carnarvon Express Excites Owners | Western Austalian Racehorse Trainers Association
It was the phone call that turned Bob Clegg into a true believer. As a horse owner, taking calls from a trainer can often deliver unwanted news. Injury reports or career-ending assessments has the potential to crush dreams. But in this instance, Clegg didn't have to worry, Peter Daly came bearing positive news. Given that Daly, a respected and venerated horseman is not prone to wild exaggerations or overstatements, it came like a bolt from the blue. Clegg got an update on his new horse, Woomera, a galloper bought from Sydney and given to Daly to race in Carnarvon. The four-year-old crossed the Nullarbor with only a modest record, but was showing positive traits in his new environment. Clegg was pleasantly surprised by what he heard. "It was after one of Woomera's first work outs and Peter was excited," Clegg said. "When he got on the phone he just said: 'wow, wow, wow, wow'. "He didn't just say it once he said it four times. "He just finished working Woomera against one of Peter's