10 minutes Kettlebell & Bodyweight Workout
While I wait for a client and the sun is shine it would be rude not to get some daily movement in. Here's what unmanaged in 10mins Band Pull Aparts x20 Band Shoulder dislocation x20 Band Face Pulls x20 Band Cuban Press x20 Band Paloff Press x20 per side Then: Single arm #Kettlebell Cleans x10 Single arm Push Press x10 Single arm Snatch (I know there is no double arm kettlebell snatch) x10 Swap arm Then: Pull Ups on a Goal Post x10 Press ups x20 Walking Lunges x20 Then Band Triceps Push Downs x20 Kettlebell Crush Curls x20 Kettlebell Swings x20 Then With some spare time I thought I'd film a little of what I had done and reduce the reps down to half as my client was due any second and didn't want to sound like standing up was a struggle. I was pretty out of breath. If you try this out make sure you get at least 60-90rest between groups of exercises. Have a blast. #kettlebellworkout #outdoorlife #outdoortraining #roundhay #parklife #strength #leedspersonaltrainer #movement