On Junk Silver or Silver Coins or Bullion Coins and Bartering - Utah Preppers
I'm trying to get this all figured out, it's kind of confusing! Junk Silver, Silver Coins, Bullion Coins, Pre-1965 Coins - it turns out they all pretty much mean the same thing! Hard-Core TEOTWAKI Preppers know that pre-1965 silver coins are made up of actual silver and have good potential barter power. That bartering capability comes from the fact that the U.S. Mint has guaranteed the amount of silver in these coins so they have a known value. Bullion Coins are generally considered the easiest way to have known values of precious metals - hence their potential barter usage. So far this is fairly common knowledge, but there is a lot more to know in order to do this properly - and I'm trying to get it all figured out.