Why are take out and eat in prices different in London? | UrbanTravelGuide
If you're eating in coffee shops, cafes or takeouts in the UK, sometimes you will see two prices listed, one for eat in and one for takeaway. The reason for this is that in theory the level of sales tax, or VAT, applied should be different (lower) for takeout food compared to food eaten on the premises. It's nothing to do with the 'extra' cost of seating and cleaning up after customers. McDonald's in particular used to charge two different prices, but more recently standardised prices presumably after agreeing with the tax inspector that a certain percentage will always be eat in and the rest always take out so they don't need to calculate it down to the exact penny. It creates a stupid situation anyway, what if it's busy and you pay extra to eat in, but then can't find a table so leave anyway? Crepe Affaire still does charge an additional £1 per item to eat in, which is ridiculous. You can save money therefore, by always saying you're going to takeout, even if you plan to stay and