What is Tofu pudding? | UrbanTravelGuide
Tofu pudding is a sweet, creamy dessert, sometimes served plain, sometimes with fruit flavours such as mango, and sometimes as an ingredient in a sundae or a bubble tea, or with toppings such as sago (tapioca balls). What is it actually? Sweetened soy milk, that's been steamed so it sets into a jelly, just like a leche flan or dairy milk or custard pudding, served warm or cold. What does it taste like? The Tofu name is misleading - this is soy milk, not tofu, so it has the same slightly nutty, slightly milky taste of soy milk, not the bitter taste of fermented Tofu. Like a milk pudding, it melts as soon as it touches your tongue. How did it get its name? Soy milk and Tofu products share common names in Chinese, which can lead to confusing translations that are off-putting. Tofu is to Soy milk as Cheese is to Dairy milk. Where can I find it? Bakeries and dessert cafes throughout China and Hong Kong, as well as Chinatowns and Oriental Supermarkets around the world. One of the most well