What is a Pineapple Bun? | UrbanTravelGuide
What is it actually? A bread roll, with a sweet, crusty yellow topping. There is no filling, and no pineapple, though sometimes it may be used to make sandwiches in the place of a more normal bread roll. The sweetness of the topping often makes it a poor substitute however. What does it taste like? It's a bread roll, ever so slightly sweet due to the crusty topping giving it a cake-y taste. Since it's pretty dry, you might eat it warmed up with a large knob of butter inside. To be honest, if you are used to soft fluffy European bread, you'll find Pineapple Buns to be dry and stale. How did it get its name? The sweet, crusty topping sort of, kind of looks like Pineapple skin, if you squint. Where can I find it? Bakeries throughout China and Hong Kong, as well as Chinatowns and Oriental Supermarkets around the world. Is it worth stepping outside of my comfort zone to try? No.