God Of War PS4 Armor: Best Epic, Legendary, And Rare Sets | Unrivaled Gamer
The latest God of War takes a different approach from past entries in the series. This time around, the game introduces RPG mechanics, allowing you equip a variety of gear that enhance a set of stats and even offer special perks. Much like the recent Monster Hunter World, your progression is tied not to experience points, but the new armor and weapons you're able to acquire and craft.The armor you collect comes in a variety of different styles, shapes, types, and sizes. While each armor set you has its own specific bonuses that suit different playstyles, they also offer different looks for Kratos. To give you an idea of what kind of armor sets you'll be able to use once you've progressed far enough in the game, we've compiled across the three armor piece categories some of the best looking and most powerful sets. Click from the images below to see each piece and its respective stats.