Far Cry 5: The popular first person shooter game franchise is back, and it doesn't disappoint | Unrivaled Gamer
Far Cry is one of the most popular FPS (first person shooter) game franchises — now in its fifth iteration, the game takes you to the fictional Hope County in rural North America. A cult called The Project at Eden Garden has taken over and it's your job to bring those radicals in line. As a junior law enforcement officer, you'll be referred to as 'rookie' or Deputy several times but rookie or not, you have to step up to the plate and not get killed while taking down countless cultists.You have an open world to explore, a bunch of weapons at your disposal, some fun vehicles to drive and allies (including animals) that you can develop to aid your missions. Remember that you're building a resistance, so while the game is open world, there is still a structure and narrative you have to follow. For instance, you'll have to find and kill three lieutenants before you get to the final leader Joseph Seed.It's a fun time if you're a fan of FPS games and the Far Cry formula. Thanks to all the